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Your ideal weight is based on your height, gender and genetic, not your scale. Everyone has an ideal weight that he or she feels healthy with lots of vigor and vitality. This ideal weight can fluctuate if you are overweight or underweight.

I must let you know this little secret. The true ideal weight has a relationship with your  ideal body fat percentage. If you are an active man, you're eating well, and truly incorporating health into your lifestyle you should fit this average  10-14%, and if you are a woman, you should be at 16-20% (for averages).

The truth is this and very simple.  If you know your current body fat percentage you would be able to calculate your ideal weight easily.

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Ideal Weight Calculator



The ideal weight for a person your height would be   pounds  /  kgs.

Note: These calculations are based on averages.

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I'm not telling you to do exactly what I do. However, to keep my body in top shape there are certain fitness equipments that I use on a regular basis.

Here's the Body Fat Monitor Analyzer and  Heart Rate Watch that I use to keep me on track. 

Body Fat Monitor and Analyzer Measurement of body fat composition is the key to long-term exercise success.

This hand held body fat analyzer is an affordable and easy way to measure body fat in the privacy of your own home.

After inputting the data, a measurement can be started by simply holding the grip electrodes and pressing the START button.

Great Features

   * Monitor body fat loss
   * Know you are losing fat, not muscle
   * Accurate readings in just seconds
   * Athlete mode for accurate results for athletes
   * 9 Personal Profiles

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SFO Select Heart Rate Watch is an excellent workout companion by providing helpful information to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. The display features include showing your heart rate with touch of your thumb, your personalized heart rate, and the number of calories burned while exercising. Additionally, you can monitor your heart rate throughout the day and also track your calories consumed .

Five Features: Clock Mode, Stopwatch Mode, Alarm Mode, Exercise Mode, Pulse Mode Features & Benefits: * 100% brand new & high quality *Ability to customize using age, gender, weight, and resting heart rate to provide personalized feedback * The first and only watch that can calculate your heart rate and calories burned while exercising... without the need of a chest strap, just put your thumb on the side * It has been designed to calculate the calories burned and pulse rate of an AVERAGE.

Individual based on preset age, weight, and sex * Based on your preset information memorized by the watch, the time on the counter, and your heart rate, the calorie watch is able to determine how many calories you have burned during your workout * Other functions: Normal Time Mode - Display Current Time & Calendar Daily Alarm Mode - Daily Alarm and Hourly Chime Chronograph Stop Watch Exercise Mode - Calculate Heart Rate and Calories burned for Exercise Pulse Mode -
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