" New Diet, New Revolution, Is It For You?"

For many people who are overweight, the importance of controlling their weight
has been insignificant. The realm of diet has been around for many years, and still today a
lot of obese individuals are fighting against this epidemic. In fact 65 percent of the United
States population is overweight and 35 percent is obese. Because obesity is such a
detrimental factor and can lead to various health disorders such as coronary heart disease,
hypertension, many studies on diets have been conducted to find a solution to improve
weight loss.

Most of the studies conducted by scientists revealed a low-carbohydrate diet seem to be the solution to reduce the risk of obesity. Today, the Atkins diet which promote that eating more fats, more protein and less carbohydrates is regarded as one the effective weapon targeting obesity. The question many dieters are asking is, since the Atkins diet is so attractive is it deemed to be safe? The purpose of this article is to provide a few information about some of the cons about the Atkins diet and its safety.

The attraction of the Atkins diet is amazing to many dieters; perhaps this is the number one reason why the overweight society is emerging so fast in Dr. Atkins diet plan. The diet shed off a lot of pound without starvation. The need to count the calories intake as in a traditional low-fat diet is not even necessary. On a nutritional point of view counting a calorie is important because a calorie is a calorie no matter what food substance it comes from.

Most dieters who are relying on the Atkins program are unaware of any significant effects in the long run. Is there significance in the long term? Since the Atkins diet regimen contradict the overwhelming majority of research on how to healthily lose and maintain weight, most public health professional are not in accord with the diet plan.

In a study conducted at Harvard Public Health, Penelope Greene said, “ People eating and extra 300 calories on a very low-carb regimen lost just as much during a 12 week study as those on a standard low-fat diet”(1). Based on Greene statement it seems people on the low-fat diet lose weight. Even so, there are many indicators that come into play with a successful diet and the outcome will be different in each individual who is attached to any diet plans, not only the Atkins.

It has been concluded that most individual who embark on a journey of weight management will see short-term result. Most of these dieters who embark on these diet plans journey, Atkins being one of them today, will most likely regain the weight back. The body main source energy is fat. The amount of water that the body holds and needs to hold is approximately 90%. Keep in mind that the main goal of the body is to retain the weight, so
unless there is some type of physical training regimen and some sort of guidelines for exercise while on these diets, the result will not last for a long period of time and people will still be overweight and obese.

Dr. Atkins say in his book, Atkins for Life, "Atkins for Life is for people who recognize that controlling carbs is a healthy way to eat and want to learn how they can eat that way for the rest of their lives (2). Beta-oxidation, the breaking of fat metabolism is always going on whether there is a diet involve or not. Therefore most of the tissues in the body are using fats. Staying on a diet for the rest of your life will not have a significant effect on weight loss.

As the body’s cell is degenerating with age, the rate of metabolism also change, and most individuals tend to gain weight, therefore whether controlling carbs will be a better way to eat, that reasoning will not manage weight loss in the long run. Lifestyle is another important factor that could affect weight loss and there is no feasible way that some one will age while able to control carbs to stay healthy.

Nonetheless, many studies have proved that high carbohydrates can lead to a healthier
way of living therefore controlling the risk of obesity. In fact, the majority of populations
that are healthy rely more on a high-carbs diet. Finish Reading.!

Principal Author: Ibsen Alexandre

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