"Cut Out Your Empty Calories"

One of the easiest ways to shed the pounds is to cut out empty calories. Many of us don’t
realize that the amount of empty calories we consume add to up to a few extra pounds
each month. If you drop the empty calories you can easily lose 2 or 3pounds per month.
Here are some tips on cutting out the empty calories.

Empty calories are foods or drinks we consume that do not contain any important
vitamins, minerals or fiber, they usually contain only fat or processed sugar. One of the
biggest empty calorie culprits is soda. Soda has sometimes 140 to 160 calories per 12 oz.
serving. Many people easily drink about 3 to 4 12 oz. servings a day. That is 600
calories of wasted calories per day, which translates close to 5 pounds a month. Choose
diet soda, water or fresh juices. There are so many other ways that you can use these
calories instead of wasting them on sugar water.

If you enjoy processed food such as TV dinners, chips, cookies and other snack food, you
can be taking in 1,000’s of calories, which you really don’t need. Instead, eat healthy
snacks such as fresh fruit and whole grains. You can lose a few pounds just by cutting
out the junk food each month. If you are looking for a super simple way to shed the
pounds and eat healthier, cut out the empty calories.


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