"Find Out How Meat and Poultry Fit In Your Healthy Diet"

If you love to eat meat, but are trying to lose weight or eat a healthier diet, here are some
tips on eating health and still enjoying meat. Many people that are making changes in
their diet to improve their lifestyle are switching to healthier and leaner meats. Here are
some tips on how you can incorporate leaner meats into your diet.

There are plenty of lean meats to choose from and many lean meats are extremely tasty.
For instance, chicken is one of the leanest meats available. Chicken is extremely easy to
cook and prepare and can be used in numerous dishes. Whether you like Italian, Chinese,
Tex-Mex or even continental cuisine, you will love chicken. Don’t fry the chicken,
instead try grilling it or roasting chicken. These ways of cooking chicken make it less
fatty and still allows the chicken to be extremely tasteful.

Another lean meat to eat is pork. Many people think of bacon when they think of pork,
but pork is the other white meat and just like chicken there are certain sections of pork
that are extremely lean and healthy. Certain cuts of pork chops are very low in calories
and are very tasty. They can be cooked in a variety of different ways and usually satisfy
any meat eaters cravings. So if you are looking for great ways to eat health, choose lean

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