A favored means of using left-over chicken is to make chicken salad of it. It is well, however, if the chicken can be prepared especially for the salad and the nicer pieces of meat used. This is usually done when chicken salad is to be served at a party or special dinner.

2 c. chicken
1 c. diced celery
1 green pepper
French dressing
1 pimiento

Cut the meat from the bones of a chicken and dice it. Dice the celery, clean the green pepper, and cut it into small pieces. Mix the pepper and the celery with the chicken. Marinate with French dressing, chill, and allow to stand for about 1/2 hour. Drain the dressing from the salad mixture, serve in a garnished salad bowl or on garnished salad plates, pour mayonnaise over the top, and garnish with strips of pimiento.


Take one fowl (boiled); one cucumber; two heads lettuce; two beets (boiled).

Dressing made according to the following recipe:

One teaspoonful mixed mustard; one-half teaspoonful  sugar; four tablespoonfuls salad oil; four tablespoonfuls milk;  two tablespoonfuls vinegar; cayenne and salt to taste; add  the oil, drop by drop, to the mustard and sugar, mixing carefully;  next add milk and vinegar gradually, lest the  sauce curdle, and the seasoning. Place the shredded chicken  on a bed of lettuce, and pour the dressing over it. Around the  edge arrange rings of hard boiled eggs, sliced cucumber and  beet root.


INGREDIENTS: The remains of cold roast or boiled chicken, 2 lettuces, a little endive, 1 cucumber, a few slices of boiled beetroot and salad-dressing.

Trim neatly the remains of the chicken; wash, dry, and slicethe lettuces, and place in the middle of a dish; put the pieces of fowl on the top, and pour the salad-dressing over them. Garnish the edge of the salad with hard-boiled eggs cut in rings, sliced cucumber, and boiled beetroot cut in slices. Instead of cutting the eggs in rings, the yolks may be rubbed through a hair sieve, and the whites chopped very finely, and arranged on the salad in small bunches, yellow and white alternately. This should not be made long before it is wanted for table.


As the Irishman would say, turkey makes the best chicken salad.
Boil till well done. Use only the white meat, which cut with sharp scissors into pieces about one-half inch square; add an equal quantity of celery cut in same manner, sprinkling over it salt and pepper. Put in a cold place till two hours before serving, then add the following dressing:

For one chicken take three eggs, one cup of vinegar, one cup of sweet milk, one-half cup butter, one tablespoon made mustard, salt, black and red pepper, beat eggs, melt butter; stir all together over a slow fire till it thickens; when cool beat into it one cup of cream. Serve salad on crisp, well-bleached lettuce leaves, on the top of each putting a small quantity of mayonnaise dressing.


Cut one chicken into small pieces (not too small); boil one egg hard and pulverize the yolk (cut the white into the chicken); add the beaten yolks of three raw eggs; one-half teaspoonful  each of ground mustard, white pepper, salt, sugar and celery  salt or seed, the juice of one lemon, one tablespoonful  melted butter, one tablespoonful salad oil (some prefer all butter); beat all well together until light and pour into one gill of boiling vinegar and let all cook until thick as cream, stirring constantly to avoid curdling. When cold, pour over your chicken,  to which has been added as much chopped celery, and salt  and pepper to taste.
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