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All About Body Fat % Calculator

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Body Mass Index:

The Body Fat percentage  information on this page is just another tool to help you calculate your body fat base on your weight, your height , and gender.  Body fat percent testing is one of the  best diagnostic tool to determine  how much over all  fat you have and if you are at risks for heart disease, hypertension, obesity and more.

Typically,  the body fat percent calculator can conveniently give you a range of percent number such as : underweight, your healthy weight range, overweight, and obesity level.  Make sure you go through the numbers below after you calculate your body fat and see where you fall. This will help you determine what action to take next such as: change your eating habits or engaging in an exercise program at least three times a week for 30 minutes or less.

Body Fat Percentage Recommendations For Women -  Click Below on Body Fat Index Calculator To Find Out What The Result Mean


  Age   Underfat     Healthy Range       Overweight     Obese

20-40 yrs Under 21%     21-33%               33-39%     Over 39%

41-60 yrs Under 23%     23-35%              35-40%    Over 40%

61-79 yrs Under 24%     24-36%              36-42%    Over 42%

Body Fat Percentage Recommendations For Men -  Click Below on Body Fat Index Calculator To Find Out What The Result Mean


  Age   Underfat Healthy Range    Overweight Obese

20-40 yrs   Under 8%          8-19%                  19-25% Over 25%

41-60 yrs Under 11%       11-22%               22-27% Over 27%

61-79 yrs Under 13%       13-25%                25-30% Over 30%

Body Fat Index Calculator

Body Fat Index

Body Mass Index

Caloric Needs

Ideal Weight


Target Heart Rate


Body Fat Index Calculator


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Note: these calculations are based on averages.

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