"The Little Secret About Water That Will Set Your Weight Loss Goal Free"

Next to oxygen, water is by far the next most important necessity for the continuous life
of mankind. It's the best thing Mother Nature can offer to us. Without it our body will
start to bog down like a beaten engine of a car. It fuels our body by interacting with other body parts like the kidneys in cleansing our body system. Water also plays a large role in our digestive system by helping us absorb food better and faster. Water nourishes our entire body by replacing excess water with fresh ones that provides new life and help our blood flow smoothly along our veins. Suffice to say Water injects life to everybody.

On average the adult human body is composed of about 50% - more than 70% of H2O,
the molecular formula name for water. Two thirds of our body weight is water. Studies
have shown that a baby who just gotten out of a mother's womb is about 75% water. Each
day our body needs to replenish at least 2.3 liters of water.

If a person consumes less than the ideal amount of water each day, chances are that
person will become prone to illnesses and will start feeling weak. As water provides the
body with energy, therefore our body should be looked upon closely in order to avoid
dehydration. Dehydration is a medical term that describes a serious condition wherein a body is lacking the necessary amount of water needed for proper functioning.

Human beings loses an amount of water for every activity and actions that it performs,
for our body to regain strength and runs on properly like a well oiled machine, we need to
replace the water that our body loses by absorbing a new set of fluids. That may come in
the form or water, beverages or soups. But among the sources of fluids, water is the
healthiest and filled with nutrients therefore it is the most important kind of fluid that we
should take.

Water serves as the number one factor that quenches thirst. Lacking water consumption
daily by just about 7% will generate a decrease of about 35% in our energy. Drinking the
right or ideal amount of water daily is very important to our body. And according to
nutrients experts, a human being needs to consume at least 8 to 12 cups of water each

Water also plays a major role in trying to lose excess weight. Because water doesn't have
any traces of calories, it is considered as the best source of nutrients for our body. It
doesn't fats and cholesterol to our body therefore it is the most important aspect in
reducing weight.

Water is universally important, both to human beings and the environment as well. For
our body to remain strong and performs its daily routines with precision and strength it's
a must to bear in our mind the importance of water to our body.

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